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A WWII Female Type K-1 AAF Flight Uniform I just picked up!


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Greetings all! I just had this original Army Air Force Nurses Flying Uniform from WWII pretty much fall into my lap. It is in really remarkable condition. It is a 2 piece pant and jacket set


I found this on a reference website:


In January 1945, a special lightweight uniform made of tightly woven insect resistant khaki cotton twill was added for wear in tropical regions. It consisted of a Type K-1 battledress jacket with matching Type K-1 trousers. The jacket was buttoned at the front, had adjustable waist straps, detachable shoulder pads, two breast pockets with pointed pocket flaps and a pencil pocket on its left sleeve.

The K-1 trousers were equipped with a zipper closure at the left side, an adjustable front waistband strap and two side pockets. The uniform was worn with the Type K-1 flight nurse's garrison cap which had a design slightly differing from the usual women's garrison cap.


This grouping came along with a plastic coated 3 piece ribbon bar with an original WAC ribbon! So how rare are these AAF uniform experts. I've spent many a hour trolling ebay for uniform items and I can't recall ever seeing one. ( or maybe I just wasn't looking for one very hard that is ;) )


Here are the photos of it....any and all comments are welcome!












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I am sorry that I cannot give you any more information, but I just want to say that uniform is incredibly cool. I have never seen one before. Yours looks to be in excellent condition, and I imagine it to be a very rare uniform.





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Back in the late 1980's or early 1990's at the Pasadena City College Antique Flea Market a vendor had these in the original boxes. Probably had over 100 pieces. At the time they were like $45.00 a piece, but none of us were smart enough to try and buy them all. I think I bought three jackets and two pair of pants, and then went home as I was broke.

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Terrific find....I'm sure the girls on the forum would kill for that one! :w00t: I looked it up in C.G. Sweeting's "Combat Flying Clothing" (the collectors' bible!) The information contained therein is pretty much what's already been quoted above.

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I am sorry that I can't add anything useful to this thread but I just wanted to say that is one terrific uniform, it's rare and in perfect condition. It's great when stuff falls on you. Congratulations! That's just great. Thanks for posting it.



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US Victory Museum

I collect female uniforms from the WWII period; therefore, I try to keep

track of prices and conditions of uniforms sold on Ebay as a barometer of

what is a reasonable bid, a high bid, and a steal, so that if a particular

item appears and I wish to buy it, then I'll know how to bid accordingly.


In my opinion, your uniform in its condition even unidentified would be

worth around a thousand bucks. It's the trousers that is the rarer of the

two parts.


Looking at my list: (Prices rounded up to next dollar)


ANC Flight Nurse Blouse K-1 $ 405.00 Sold Jul 10 2007 14 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Blouse K-1 $ 335.00 Sold May 26 2010 16 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Blouse K-1 $ 331.00 Sold Jun 06 2010 15 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Blouse K-1 $ 338.00 Sold Jul 25 2010 13 Bids


ANC Flight Nurse Blouse L-1 $ 228.00 Sold Sep 30 2007 19 Bids


As for the Cap K-1 that sold for $500.00 - somebody went nuts.

ANC Flight Nurse Cap K-1 $ 78.00 Sold Nov 18 2007 7 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Cap K-1 $ 141.00 Sold Sep 05 2008 9 Bids


ANC Flight Nurse Jacket B-17 $ 622.00 SOLD Aug 16 2007 22 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Jacket B-17 $ 1,525.00 SOLD Dec 04 2009 29 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Jacket B-17 $ 1,094.00 SOLD Aug 08 2010 7 Bids

ANC Flight Nurse Jacket B-17 $ 500.00 SOLD Aug 23 2010 1 Bid (Torn cuffs)

ANC Flight Nurse Jacket B-17 $ 231.00 SOLD Nov 06 2010 12 Bids (Damaged)

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