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I've had this pouch for awhile. I'm hoping someone may know something about it or have one like it? Its roughly 5 1/2 X 4 inches when closed. and 5 1/2 X 6 1/2 when opened. The strange thing about this pouch is its splits half way down the center and sewn higher up the sides. Not like a first-aid poch. It may be a diffent type one for a compass maybe?? Its OD #3 in color with OD #7 trim. The snaps and hook are all brass with no markings.It has a strip of webbing sewn on the back for a belt to go through. But its not big enough for a webb belt, maybe pants belt? If there was any markings on this thing their long gone? This piece has been worn alot by its shape its in. So any information will be apppricated. Thanks, ED





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I guess I will be looking fdor a compass now. And hopfully I won't loose it?? Thanks guys, ED



Get an extra legging lace, and make a lanyard for it. Thats what I did with mine, you get a little piece of mind, and it works great. :thumbsup:

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