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OPFOR Uniforms and headgear

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At Fort Polk in 1997 the OPFOR wore DBDUs (Chocolate chips) that had been dyed with black dye. They weren't completely black just a kind of dark gray and you could still clearly see the DBDU chocolate chip pattern. Always worn with boonie hats and no rank that I ever saw.


This was when my MP Co was getting "validated" to go to the Former Yugoslavia (FRY) for Operation Joint Guard (317th MP Bn, I was in 805th MP Co.) We were the first RC (Reserve Component) MP battalion to deploy to a "peacekeeping" mission like this and they wanted to be sure we knew what we were doing.


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I just came across this thread and decided to dig my circa 1991 OPFOR uniform out of my uniform trunk where it has been since then. My California National Guard mechanized infantry unit had made a couple of NTC rotations as OPFOR; this one was to provide a three week cadre augmentation as the 11th ACR did their NTC rotation prior to Gulf War 1. Author Tom Clancy was along with the 11th doing research for his book on the unit. We wore the chocolate chip, as seen here when I was just coming in from the field after the 11th's first attempted attack through the Valley. However the DCU uniform was just being introduced and only the cadre had it, so I bought my own complete OPFOR uniform including the belt, but never was able to wear it.




When I went to the PX wearing the chocolate chip, Tom Clancy was there signing autographs. He saw me and several other members of my platoon and called us over, gave us some autographs and shook our hands, and congratulated us, saying "You guys kicked the snot out of the 11th ACR! Way to go!" Ugh, yeah we did - NTC is a tough training ground.

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