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A Fraternal Welcome


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Welcome to the VETERANS' ORGANIZATIONS Forum. We are happy to see you here to discuss all types of fraternal US Veterans' Organizations. w00t.gif


The forum is moderated by Kevin Beyer and Sarge who are both collectors of Veterans' Organization regalia. We welcome, and solicit, your participation! We are passionate about our interests and we want to discuss these things with other like minded individuals. No US Military Veteran item is too small to post. No question is too "dumb" to ask. No one should fail to participate because they feel they are inexperienced and please bear in mind that we are not "experts" in the field. Together, we may learn something new! :D


Please take time to read the Rules of Engagement set forth in the Welcome to the USMF Community found under New Member Introductions. Moderators will enforce the rules to ensure that we all engage in civil discourse at USMF. Opinions are welcome, honest disagreements will occur, and civility and collegiality will be the order of the day. All we ask is that you treat others as you would like to be treated. We are glad you are here! thumbsup.gif




Kevin & Sarge

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