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1944 dated Amber Star parachute flares

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I have 9 of these Amber Star rifle-launched parachute flares, all in the original black cardboard tubes. One or two have been opened, but no corrosion.


My questions are: How much are these worth & can I legally ship these if I do sell them? I really have no "need" for them & can really use the money. I'd probably keep one for my display, though.


I've used a couple of these at WW2 reenactments many years ago & they really light up the battlefield at night.


If anyone knows what they may be worth, you can pm me instead of posting here.


Thanks for looking. M1

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I think you can ship them through UPS butnot the post office.Reakky wouldnt be any different than black powder or

ammunition that is shipped.May have to have a haz-mat sticker but you can always check into the shipping of said item

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For some reason the late 1944 dated amber flares are the most common rifle grenade flares around. Maybe there was an overrun of these?? Lately I've seen these listed from around $35 to $50. I've also seen some that were listed considerably higher but as you know what they're listed for and what they'll sell for are often two different things.

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