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Viking Qwikset Ribbons - how to tell if WW2 issue

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I appreciate any help someone may give me here.


I saw a ribbon (2 on a bar) and they are paper back marked: Viking Qwikset. Army Good Conduct, Pat App. Hillborn-Hamburger. It is on what appears to be period WW2 uniform. Researching her on the USMF , I also see later similar ones but with the ACTUAL patent # on it.


My questions are:


1) Is it WW2 or are ALL paper backed post WW2? If they are 1945-46 it makes sense.


2) If it is WW2, when did they convert to paper backed, with specifically "pat. app" on them?


Thank you in advance.




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Check out the patent. It appears that it was patented in 1949, so any ribbon produced by the company prior to that date would have said Pat. App. and those produced after 1949 include the patent number.





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