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Riker Mounts


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I've been buying Riker mounts for years from the same guy......he appears to be MIA.


I'm looking for a new source.....any suggestions?


I mainly use the 8.5"x 12", 12"x 16", and 9"x 7" (all 3/4" deep)






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A few months back someone recommended http://www.rikerdisplaycases.com/rikercases.htm

but I've not ordered from them or know if they are the least expensive. Kevin



Those are good prices indeed, though I cannot address the quality as mine come from a local coin dealer. But beware, that there is another knock off riker that isn't up to the same standards and quality as the "real" deal. The good Rikers have a firmly set piece of glass with a quality glue adhesive. Additionally, the black wrinkle finish to the borders of the frame is a semi gloss material. The knock off is a flat matte finish and is inferior in quality with a crappy fitting glass insert. Lastly, the batting that comes with the cheapo-brand is very thin and flimsy.

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