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10th Mountain Division in Rio de Janeiro.

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Hi Cesar,


Great image!!! Is totally news for me!! thumbsup.gif


Please, do you have more?


PS. In Brazilian Veteran´s Museum in RIO have one 10th Mountain Division Uniform, maybe one GI gived for one "Pracinha".


Regards from South Brazil,







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This is from the Brazilian Army site. I think it's the only digital 10th Mtn. pic they have.

There are probably many more in newspaper archives since their arrival was extensively covered.


From what I read these guys had a very nice time in Rio...



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Wish they'd send us 10th mountains guys to Rio now-a-days instead of Trashcanistan or B[0w-man-istan or whatever ppl call it now.


Awesome image!


RIP Army BDUs. You will be missed.


Just an infantry LT Living behind the dumpsters of Airborne School

Fort Benning, GA

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