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XM44 Gas Mask


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So I managed to pick this up on Craigslist a few months ago. Not exactly the most common gas mask out there. Pictures were taken with a Motorola Droid (the original one), so they're pretty terrible. But I hope that they convey enough, for your enjoyment.


The overall set consists of the mask, the hood, the carrier, and a voice projection unit (VPU):


Front View of the mask without the hood. Notice the similarity (overall lense shape and design) and difference (voicemitters) to the M45 gas mask.


Side view showing side voicemitter:


Inside of the mask. Notice the very odd nosecup; the right side has a valve as normal to defog the lense with air, but the left side is oddly plugged, as I tried to show.


Picture of the drinking tube. Different from the standard tubes found on the M40, MCU 2/P and M17 series. Could be due to either missing parts, or an entirely different design (never got to disassemble a drinking tube):


(Very blurry) Picture of the hood overall:


My attempt to show the odd hood design. The hood towards the top of the face is sealed to the rubber second skin, much like it was on the original M40 mask. However, oddly enough, near the chin, the hood separates into a elasticized portion, as the hood attaches on the M40A1/A2 series masks that use second skins and a quick doff hood:


One of the most interesting features of my hood are integrated stereo earpieces. The cord passes through a taped and sealed/glued portion of the hood. Outside, the audio connector is held to the hood with Velcro:


The hood turned inside out to show the earpieces and cabling pathways:


Closeup of the earpiece, also attached to the inside of the hood with Velcro:


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Another unique feature of the hood. An inner cloth skirt, similar to the rubber inner skirts on the M3 TAP hood, except made of a cotton like material. Haven't a single clue what it's for!


Hood label:


VPU pictures. Similar to the ones out right now, except attached via a threaded coupler, instead of a quick disconnect mechanism.






More pictures, courtesy of Dan (RetroRespirators). Much higher quality (but of a different model, I'll elaborate more in a bit).





His mask is a 1992, while mine is a 1989 (MSA). Notice the different hood, exhale valve cover, and eye pieces. His hood lacks the skirt and audio equipment mine has, while having buckles instead of Velcro for securing the hood, and a neck strap which mine lacks. His exhale valve cover is different, having a hook up for microphone equipment, whereas mine has a M40 style cover. He also has a standard drinking tube, unlike mine. Also notice that he has outserts over his lenses. While it appears to be as such with my mask, mine actually has only the lenses. The plasticky rubber around the lenses is a coating over the metal crimping that attaches the lenses, and not an outsert rim. Finally, I'll share both of our videos on the masks...




Hope this was enjoyable. Please posts any information or questions... it'd be greatly appreciated!

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