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PG Patrol Gunboats - Vietnam war era Navy PG patches

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USS MARATHON (PG-89) Asheville class gunboat in service 1968 to 1976


A new home port in Guam
Following a tactical exercise in January 1970, and coastal interdiction training in March, Marathon departed San Diego on 2 June for her new home port at Guam in the Marianas Islands. After a quick refueling stop at Pearl Harbor, the gunboat arrived at Apra Harbor, Guam on 25 June. A week later, Marathon sailed for South Vietnam and, after a refueling stop at Subic Bay, Philippines on 8 July, she began Market Time duties out of Cam Ranh Bay on the 11th.
Dangerous river patrols
One of Marathon's first tasks was to escort battle damaged USS Canon from the mouth of the Bo De River back to Cam Ranh Bay on 15 July. The rocket-propelled grenade and bullet scars in Canon's hull were sober reminders of the dangers the gunboats faced in littoral waters. After receiving a camouflage paint scheme, Marathon spent the next nine weeks conducted uneventful river operations before conducting a few coastal surveillance patrols in October. Relieved by other patrol gunboats, Marathon, USS Gallup and their base ship USS Park County sailed to Guam, via Subic Bay, arriving there on 18 November.
Operation Market Time patrols
Following a restricted availability in Guam, Marathon returned to South Vietnam in late April 1971, beginning Market Time patrols on the 27th. This monotonous cruising was interrupted in late June by a port visit to Bangkok, Thailand, 28 June to 1 July, before the gunboat returned to Cam Ranh Bay to resume patrols. Marathon fired her guns only once, shelling An Thoi Island on 6 August with unknown results, before arriving home to Guam on 14 September. Once there, Marathon began her second major overhaul, which finished up on 8 December. In a change of pace, the gunboat conducted a short security patrol of the Caroline Islands in mid-December.
Marathon returned to South Vietnam on 10 March 1972 and operated out of Vung Tau conducting maritime patrols. These operations were again uneventful and the gunboat received a well-deserved week-long visit to Singapore in late July. After a few more weeks on patrol, the gunboat returned home, arriving in Guam on 30 August. She spent the remainder of the year conducting type training and providing submarine torpedo target services.
Photo caption: "USS Marathon Cmdr. Robert Buckley shows the ship's Vietnam campaign ribbons to Debbie Murdock of Medford. The small-scale battleship toured Boston Harbor as part of Maritime Celebration Day yesterday. The Navy presented the ship to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy"
Staff photo by Stanley Forman from the 21 May 1977 edition of the Boston Herald American (from navsource.com)



PG 89 USS MARATHON 001.jpg

PG 89 USS MARATHON 011.jpg

PG 89 USS MARATHON 012.jpg

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and then as the EPA Research Vessel R/V RACHEL CARSON


Once transferred to the EPA, the vessel was renamed for American environmentalist Rachel Carson. At the time, it was the largest limnological vessel on the Great Lakes, and her initial use was monitoring and analyzing pollution in Lake Erie



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On 4/17/2017 at 4:05 PM, Salvage Sailor said:

USS DOUGLAS (PG-100) In USN service 1971 to 1977. Also became a Carderock Research Vessel until she was sunk off the coast of North Carolina

PG 100 USS DOUGLAS 001.jpg

PG 100 USS DOUGLAS 002.jpg


USS DOUGLAS (PG-100) In USN service 1971 to 1977. Also became a Carderock Research Vessel until she was sunk off the coast of North Carolina


Bullion on Felt


PG 100 USS DOUGLAS 003.jpg

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