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ARVN ERDL Patterns

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Hey guys. I would like to see some examples of all the ARVN ERDL patterns. How many were there? What years did they begin? Which one was first, last,etc. Also, does someone have a extra bush hat in the late war ARVN ERDL pattern that they wouldn't mind selling, or a Monster Tiger patterned one? Thanks for any help you can give me. I would like to start a thread about all the different camo patterns used during the Vietnam War. Anyone game? I have tons of pics, but I would need help identifying many of them. Owen ( Kammoman) would be a big help here!

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There are already some great threads in the uniform forums, in the pinned section. Plus, in the displays section you can see Owen's fantastic camo collection on display.


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Not trying to shy anyone away from this great forum, but try the Wehrmacht Awards Forum, Indochine section too. It would be a great help.







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