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Operation Praying Mantis vs. Iran 1988


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Found this in my patch box this past weekend.


Here's some details about the operation. (Copied from http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops...ing_mantis.htm)


Operation Praying Mantis


On 14 April 1988, watchstanders aboard USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) sighted three mines floating approximately one-half mile from the ship. Twenty minutes after the first sighting, as Samuel B. Roberts was backing clear of the minefleld, she struck a submerged mine nearly ripping the warship in half. Working feverishly for seven hours, the crew stabilized the ship. Samuel B. Roberts was sent back to the United States for repair.


Three days after the mine blast, forces of Joint Task Force Middle East executed the American response -- Operation PRAYING MANTIS. During a two-day period, the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force units of Joint Task Force Middle East destroyed two oil platforms being used by Iran to coordinate attacks on merchant shipping, sank or destroyed three Iranian warships and neutralized at least six Iranian speedboats.


Operating in conjunction with USS WAINWRIGHT (CG 28) and USS BAGLEY (FF 1069), USS SIMPSON (FFG-56) was assigned to the strike on the Iranian oil platform at Sirri, and shelled the platform. In response, the Iranian Navy missile patrol combatant JOSHAN approached the three U.S. ships. When JOSHAN was warned to stand clear, she responded by firing a Harpoon missile at the group. SIMPSON was the first ship to return fire, striking JOSHAN with the first of four successful missiles she fired that day. After JOSHAN was disabled by missile fire, she was sunk by gunfire. As a result of that action, SIMPSON and her crew were awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award and the Combat Action Ribbon, along with numerous personal awards received by individual crew members.


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Wow Howard,what an AWESOME patch! :bravo: :drool2: Nicely made,and the subject:Priceless! :)

Love the ship in the"crosshairs",the missles coming straight for it,and of course,the SCORE! :lol:

I saw this on the news way back,and had forgotten it,thanks for sharing this!


I found some videos on Youtube with actual footage of the attacks!



On this first vid,the US commander says"This is a warning,stop and abandon ship,I intend to sink you!" :packin heat:


Another Youtube vid:



Vid three:


Here's a vid of a Marine SeaCobra attacking during Op Praying Mantis,firing TOW's and 20 mm cannon!

Then Marines roped in,and set charges!Awesome!





I found this AWESOME website,that shows the Operation from start to finish,packed with great photos as well!

Great minute by minute narrative of the Op

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Here's a photo of the USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58)



A photo of the mine damage



This is how she was brought home,lifted onto another boat for transport



A few pics of the results of the US response to her attackers






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Here are some other patches I found online relating to this OP





Here are some patches I found online for the USS Samuel B. Roberts





A USS Samuel B. Roberts patch that I have in my personal collection


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