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Wright & Moore 2nd Bn. 501 PIR 101st Airborne monument and Church


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Here's some pictures of the 'Place Toccoa', where medics Moore and Wright are honored. Location of the church an monuments is 49°20'56.15"N / 1°15'12.06"W


Inside the church there's evidence of what took place there almost 70 years ago: blood stains still on the church's benches and a hole in the ceiling an floortiles where a mortar shell landed - but didn't explode - while 80 or so american and german wounded, including some civilians, were being taken care of by these so american paratroopers. Pictures were all taken when I visited the D-Day anniversary in 2009. There's plenty of historical reference of this place, and the stain-glass windows found in the internet.













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Thank you for sharing these photos. Many of us will not have the chance to see these memorials, but it means a lot to know that they are there.

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