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'Filthy Thirteen' RHQ Co. 506th P.I.R. 101st Airborne monument


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While I savour a calvados I might as well post something from the region :thumbsup: On this site a liberation tree was about to be added when I visited in june 2009. The hole was already dug for the ceremony the next day... The very small square in which te monument is situated, is called 'Espace Filthy 13 demolition platoon RHQ Co. 506th P.I.R. 101st Airborne Division'.




This is the junction where D89E meets the Rue du Moulin.




Here's an overview of the monument. In the right of the photo you can see a small white plaque on a black pedestal; further to the right in the picture is the hole. Here's a close-up of the plaque:




In the background you can see the hole.


Here's the 'Filthy 13'-plaque itself, and a closeup of the inscription:






Hope you've enjoyed this one.





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