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WWII T-5 and T-7 Parachutes

WWII Parachutist

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WWII Parachutist

Anybody interested in some reproduction WWII T-5 or T-7 parachutes? I have originals parts, and I am thinking about making a few. I have the original WWII canvas, threads, both the T-5 and T-7 harness webbing, quick release boxes, etc, as well as the patterns/drawings to make them from.


I am thinking about making one or two T-5's with white harnesses, possibly a T-5 with either a OD harness or a harness modified with a bang box for market garden, and a few T-7's.


I have sold a few in the past on ebay, but their fees get expensive.

Any interest in them? PM if you are interested and I can get you more info.

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