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Viking Ship Patch

Joe Kravets

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In British custom, through 1945 at least, the printed or silk-screened patches were generally (90%) ISSUE, "from Ordnance stores", at Crown expense. Embroidered ones were private-purchase (75%) or bought from unit funds (25%) and passed out -- usually only one or two sets per troop and reserved for "best dress", the less-attractive printed ones relegated to field clothing. Thus, getting the embroidered ones made, paid for, and into the consumers' hands (onto their arms, really) was a deliberate, time-consuming effort.

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A lot of British Army formation signs were first made -- in "proper" style, rather than crudely, under field conditions -- and issued only when the troops were not heavily engaged in battle and had access to patches-by-mail-from-home or from urban-area makers in Occupied lands. Many indeed date from April or May 45 to 1946. But I would (little ol' me) consider them fairly described as "wartime".

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Garth Thompson

Years ago when the forum first cranked up a suggestion was made to include a section for discussion of allied insignia especially since their use was very much like the US forces. A lot of collectors on this forum, my self included, do collect both. Maybe it is time to revisit the issue.




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