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Hat and visor cap display


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OK, so a year ago I started making helmet stands and have sold a few of them to you guys here and there and have been asked to come up with a design that could display visor caps without putting stress on the visor or the top of the hat. Well I have finally come up with what I think would be able to display these hats without doing any damage to them what so ever. This uses moveable mounting position blocks to hold the hat onto the top of the stand without putting pressure on any other part of the hat. They can be used for any type of hat also. Look at the pictures and tell me what you all think.















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Great idea! I believe there are three things that will improve it:


1. Make the round part out of thinner wood, and more oval shaped (so it doesn't stand out from the sides of the hat so much).


2. Fix the front block to the round part


3. Have three adjustable blocks (left, right, and rear) to help "shape" the hat.



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I have thought of that as well, the reason both blocks are moveable is for campaign hats, to display them the opposite direction, which looks better. These blocks do not and will not move once positioned. Also the oval is so round because I wanted to make for sure it could cover all possible sizes. If you notice on the Army visor hat it completely covers the entire area, and that size of wood is about as thin as I will go to ensure that it will last. It is less than 1" thick. The reason there are not blocks for the left and right are becasue their really does not need to be any. In my upinion the two work the best. I am open to thoughts though and would like to hear more, if others feel the same I might see what I can do to change it up some.

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