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"May the force (aka US Army) be with you!"

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So the point of this thread is that the US Army soldier does not really wear all that stuff when he goes out?




That he actually dresses up for the mission, instead of carrying all gear ever issued, plus a few hand-held nuclears for good measure?




Sacre Bleu the earth is shaking!



Sorry guys for the sarcasm, but the picture of the 19-year-old is funny as hell! Thanks for posting...


Luis Ramos...

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Two of these tw*ts were walking around English Heritage's Festival of History at Kelmarsh Hall two weekends ago (for context, WWII is the most-up-to-date time period allowed in the proper re-enactment there). One older-than-19 idiot in too much Army kit again and a woman dressed as USAF aircrew in a combat zone, with E&E kit etc. Both were handing pistols to kids so they could have a feel and a play, and they were also pointing weapons (fingers on triggers) directly at people for photographs.


You could hear the airsoft BB's rattling in the magazine on his M4 Carbine....


And WWII re-enactors get asked the question "why aren't you in the Army?"




2nd Armored in Europe : http://www.2ndarmoredineurope.co.uk

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Way too much gear :crying: He want's to try wearing that lot for a long patrol in Helmand. Funny enough I don't consider the US Soldier to be the best equipped in the World anymore (at least not clothing wise). The latest British gear is fantastic and much envied by US units attached to UK Forces. The British Army finally has it's act together and some of the gear is world class.



Collector of Fixed bail M1 Helmets


"The dreams of Empire lure the hearts of Kings - and so men die" Burma, 1944

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Is is just me, or is reenacting an ongoing war sort of weird?


Not just you! I find it disturbing really.

Learn to ride hard, shoot straight, dance well and so live that you can, if necessary, look any man in the eye and tell him to go to Hell! US Cavalry Manual, 1923



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