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M21 Practice Grenade


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I picked up another practice grenade this weekend, an M21 which replicates the MII/M2 pineapple grenade. It has the RFX imprinted in the body of the grenade, and a number 1, all read by turning the grenade on its side. Most likely it’s early 1950s vintage. In researching the M21, I found that many of the dummy pineapple grenades on the marked today are modeled from the M21 and often have the RFX still imprinted; after looking at one (dummy) that I had I could see the imprint, but it was clear that the dummy grenade was different from the M21. I don’t know what fuze is on the M21; the spoon is flat, no raised portion and the top of the spoon is blank. Just as a comparison, I’ve include a copy of both my M21 and M31 with the dummy reproductions that I’ve bought over the past year. Physically side by side you can see the differences, but in a photo, particularly if the dummy has been repainted, I can see how it would be hard to tell the difference.





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