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great great uncles wwi lafayette escadrille grouping

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1 hour ago, rooster77 said:

Is'nt it possible his records were destroyed in the fire ?

Is'nt that a picture of him above in a uniform on the deck of a ship ?


From the photo it looks like he was a pilot and may well have served in France, but if he was a pilot in the  Lafayette Escadrille and/or was a six-kill ace it's almost certain his service would gave been documented by WWI aviation researchers. I believe the Lafayette Escadrille rosters online did not rely on individual servce records, fire or not.  The only documentation is some newspaper stories that likely relied in large part on publicity flyers and press releases. His was a big time champion roller skater which was more entertainment than than sport - It would not be uncommon back then to embellish certain things for the sake of the boxoffice.







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Maybe I missed it, but what his middle initial?  It looks like on “L” on the footlocker.


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This is interesting and shows what a small world we live in. My Grandmother was the first roller derby queen in history. She is pictured below with her partner. When derby was established it was a mileage/endurance race, the miles from NY to San Francisco I believe. 

Her Father Fred Martin was the world champion speed skater for many years and is an icon in roller skating history. If Mr. Kelly was a speed skater he would almost certainly have had to skate against my Great Grandfather, especially for a title and most especially as Fred operated the White City Rink in Chicago.     Scott1949566909_grandmagerych.jpg.354258ab5254b5268aae870724d4cb0a.jpg


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