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You don't see these for sale a lot!


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I was browsing through Ebay and saw this today and was excited to see one of the silk maps at such a low price with out any bids, not to mention its great condition. I have met veterans that say these silk maps were lifesavers to the pre plastic era. Does anyone out there collect these?



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I have a few of those silk maps. One of the few areas in my collection that takes up so little space.


As a matter of fact, that particular map on ebay is exactly the one that I have framed in my collection room.




On it is the little island named Angaur which is south of Peleliu (upper right of the map) - both of which are part of the Palau Islands.


My dad was stationed on Angaur for number of months from mid 1943 until mid 1944.


150th Quartermaster Truck Company

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