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Aging WWII Flying Ace Grounded by Jail

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This guy should be held to the same standard that everyone else is. Firefighters, police, Military ALL have to live and play by the rules. He makes reference to "all he has done for this country", which is admirable, but he fought to preserve the values and freedoms of this country as well as its laws. It appears he is on the wrong side of it currently.

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This man is a menace. Look at his rap sheet, its as long as your arm. Most folks would have learned from thier mistakes, but not this bozo. Convicted felon, grand theft, selling stolen goods, conspirsy to commit murder, ect ect. I suppose he has "little man" syndrome also. Jail is the best place for him, he had better than average chances for a good life after the service, with his retirement and all. Being a "war hero" does not make you a saint. Dont forget, we had jerks in the "greatest generation" too. thumbdown.gif

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GUNBARREL: I met three people on skidrow who showed me their Medal of Honor, one was Charles "Commando" Kelly who was drinking wine, Ira Hayes who cleaned the latrines of the Greyhound Bus Station and stayed drunk, and another native American Indian who lived in a skidrow hotel, he got the MOH for WW1. My sister's father was a war hero and a really mean-spired drunk in civilian life - many men who were heroes just don't make it always in the real world. We cannot imagine what they went through that turned them that way. Being an Ace or having high awards does not mean the person is supposed to live up to someone else's ideals and be a model soldier, airman, marine, or sailor. We had a man stationed in a company near us in Korea who would be a sergeant one day, a private the next and back to NCO, he had the MOH and could not stay sober and got into fights. w00t.gif Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California




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