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.50 BMG Swagger Stick


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I recently picked up this swagger stick; OAL 20 5/16".





Flash tube from an arty round?





'43 dated head stamp from Des Moines Ordnance Plant.




I expected to see a little solder on the joints, but it's a real tight press-fit.



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I've had one of these for years; my father gave it to me while I was still in the Army and I think he may have picked it up at one of his assignments (29 year, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam veteran). I've used it as a pointer, and my understanding that these were pretty popular at military briefings before laser pointers came on the market.





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Thanks much for your post.

That is really something, about your father being a Veteran of all three wars.

That stick he gave you is even more of a treasure being that it was his.

I have the notion that an interesting story could go along with that double-struck primer.


I found some related info, on these:





General William J. Livsey, who was the Commanding General of the Eighth United States Army in South Korea from 1984 to 1987 publicly carried a swagger stick that was carved from wood collected at the Korean Demilitarized Zone Axe Murder Incident poplar tree.





Other additions to this thread welcome!

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