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Photo report from "Flying Legends, 2011", Duxford, UK.


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She looks great with her "Little Friends" flying alongside! For anyone who may be interested, July 31 at Duxford will be "Sally B & Friends Day"..a special airshow to show off the ol' girl whilst also raising much needed funds for her upkeep.





Sabrejet :thumbsup:

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Sunday was an eventful day at Flying Legends. Apart from the tragic loss of the Big Beautiful Doll lookalike, there was a prang involving a replica WW1 Fokker DR1. The pilot did a fantastic display showing just how maneuverable these aircraft were but upon landing, pitched to the right and "nosed in". Luckily, like the mid air collision later in the day, there were no (serious) injuries.

It happened at such a low speed and the aircraft looked like it fared quite well although I think I'm right in saying that if the prop hits the ground and stops the engine. Then its a complete engine rebuild, like it or not.

Looks like it may have lost a tyre and the rim dug in causing it to pitch over.





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Thanks for Avenger pic. Will!!!! Here in Europe is only a few Naval planes from WW2 I guess :)

I wish be there next year!


Good luck at Beltring,


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I have been to Duxford(back in 2004). That place is so awesome!!! so many great old planes from both sides. I was extremely saddened when I heard about the P-51 and Skyraider collision. Thankful for the pilot but sad for the loss of a great warbird. I wish Sally B(B-17) was not the only flying example of a B-17 in Europe. I wish they would make the other B-17 at Duxford airworthy, but I understand how much it takes to keep these things flying. Was also very saddened when the B-17, Liberty Belle, crashed last month outside of Chicago.

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Better late than never! Here's just a few of my photos from Flying Legends, hopefully there isn't too much cross-over with those already posted by other members.











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