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Minnesota Military Museum Aircraft


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Another one you do not often see in museums is this OH-23 Raven. This is the last of the pics of the aircraft there.






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Nice photos Mike. Ive spent quite a few weekends working up there prepping the MN in the Civil War display set to open tomorrow. You're right, it is a great little museum!

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Nice selection of photos.


I also enjoyed looking at the "40/8" WWI vintage railway car in the back ground.


Here is the story of the Gratitude Train, which was sent from France to the US in 1949 in appreciation for our efforts of WWI, WWII and the reconstruction. Here is a write up on the one in North Dakota.




This link has a list with information of the "Merci" train cars by state...




I am sorry to say the one designated for Nebraska did not survive...



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The Meatcan

more cool pix! great stuff - that looks like a pretty nice air museum.

Gil - thnaks for the "Gratitude Train" links. I was looking at that rail car and wondering what that was all about. Now I know!


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