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Homeless Veterans Standdown

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Homelessness among veterans is at epidemic proportions with vets returning to our country where our jobs have been shipped off shore--with little help: less than 10% of americans know someone in the military; less than 1% with relatives wearing the uniform. More citizens than ever before in our history have little if no ties to our military or the country's committments which spells overall consensus of apathy which places homeless vets in a very tight spot. My wife and I have volunteered at the Greensboro, NC event for the last five or so years. The good news is that I think area commitment will always exist, the daunting part is that census at the events grows at a rate approaching exponential proportions each year.


I encourage each of you to take a look at the schedule of events on the link below and volunteer or assist in any way you can.





Regards to all--


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Where did the statistics on the 1% and 10% come from? Seems like everyone I meet tells me about a relative in the military nowadays. If 1% is currently serving in the military then I would think more than 1% would account for relatives. Also a recent study with on veteran homelessness and unemployment noted that 2 out of 3 Americans know someone who has served in the military in the past ten years. Not trying to stir anything up, I am just curious about the source if there is another study I haven't read yet. Thanks!





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Wolfie, call Bob Williamson 919-286-0411. His name/number are listed on the link provided by warshard.



I remember:

Chris Ingrassia (9/11) CPT Tristan Aitken (OIF, 2003)

MAJ Paul Syverson (OIF, 2004) CPT Tom Miller (OIF, 2005)

SSG Scottie Bright (OIF, 2005) CPT Chris Petty (OIF, 2006)

MAJ Hurley Shields (OIF, 2008)




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I did alot of volunteer work w/ "homeless vets" in the Richmond area, many years ago. Sad to say, the vast majority of these "Vets" were not veterans of anything other than booze, drugs and jail. I found very very few real "homeless Vets'. Of the few I did find, only a small handful of them wanted to actually get off the streets and get the help they needed. To this day I occasionally go and visit one old trooper who still lives in a tent camp on the river. Im sure there are more Vets on the streets these days, and they surely need your help, BUT, be aware that ALOT of these characters are just frauds looking to cash in on your efforts. Nothing hacks me off more than fake Vets. Also, you need to take the stats regarding homelessness in general and homeless vets in particular, with a grain of salt. I found out for myself that the people who compile these figures have their own agenda and make absolutely ZERO effort to verify whether a homeless person is an actual veteran.

That being said, I applaud your concern and your efforts, good job.

D Co. 5/20th Inf 2nd ID Camp Casey ROK
HHC Scouts 2/7th Inf 24 ID Ft Stewart GA
A Co. 4/12 Inf 1 AD Baumholder FRG
HHC Scouts 4/12 Inf 1 AD Baumholder FRG


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