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Fort Siloso tour Singapore, Battle of Singapore (largest british surrender in ww2)

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Since i am working Singapore thought i share this little gem of a place with you folks back home. Took this over the weekend.


This is Fort Siloso on the resort island of Santosa. The only restored gun fort in Singapore. Very educational and a nice wax museum to boot.


Fort Silso was also used as a POW during the occupation and later Japanese forces fortified it.


If you want i have a few copies of the tour map and guide....Pm me and i will send it to you.


Also by the way they have a casino and universal studio Singapore now on the same island so fun for the whole family.





captured IJA gun



old 19th cen gun





Control Room




overview of the Island of Santosa



I will post up more photos bit later.



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Fascinating. We have a number of members interested in coast artillery and seacoast forts. I hope to visit there myself one day.


Unfortunately, this is outside of the focus of this Forum, which is primarily US Military History and militaria. That said, I am afraid I have to close this thread. Forum members may continue to discuss this through Private Messaging.


We also advise our members who wish to post about other countries to check out the Wehrmacht Awards Forum. Despite the name, they have boards for British and Commonwealth items, as well as other nations. Many of our members are members there as well.



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