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A-1 Skyraider Yankee Escape System USAF, USN.

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I am looking for information on the Yankee Escape System used with the USAF and USN variants of the Douglas A-1 Skyraider.

I believe there were differences between the USAF and USN types. Information needed on the following equipment:


-Personnel lowering device (if any) used with the USAF PCU-18/P and PCU-19/P harnesses.

-USAF and USN seat assy's.

-USAF and USN parachute assy's.

-USAF and USN seat survival kit assy's and contents.

-USAF and USN seat cushions.

-Bailout bottles and oxygen assy's.

-Flight manuals and other manuals (USAF and USN) showing the Yankee Escape System and components. Years of publication and change notices.


I would be thankful for any help.

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