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Ejection seat restoration

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This is my first restoration project, it's the pilots ejection seat from F-89J "Scorpion" 52-1905. The seat is complete and all missing componants were found on ebay, from former aircrews, other collectors or commercially. Dummy explosive items were fabricated from wood or pvc. Everything that is supposed to move does, height adjustment can be adjusted. I have the F-89J-1 Flight manual and parts of the -2 and -4. I have the complete aircraft unit assignment history and so far have collected all but one of the unit patches. I had the opportunity to fly in '89 early in my career. I also deployed to Tyndall AFB Florida several times for aircraft/aircrew qualification firing of the "Genie" rocket

My former unit the 179th FIS flew '905 from February 1963 until May of 1966 at which time it was transferred to Wright-Patterson AFB and dropped from inventory in June of 1966.


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Very nice seat! Looks to be a 1960's setup with the MD-1 seat survival kit and BA-22 parachute assy.

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So what you're telling me is, this seat appears totally functional with one exception........if I strap my wife in and pull the handle, she isn't going anywhere??


Not true! If that's your wife at the left she and the seat are leaving with me!

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