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14th Infantry Division

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Fourteenth Infantry Division / 14th Division



“Wolverine Division”



No battle honors reported.



July 29, 1918



Feb 1919




This division was a ghost division during World War II.


"Popularly known as the "Wolverine Division." Insignia, a green shield upon which is superimposed a yellow disc containing the head of a wolverine in black. Organized at Camp Custer, Michigan, on July 29, 1918. The 10th and 40th Regular Army Infantry Regiments were ordered to Camp Custer in the latter part of July as a part of the 14th Division and these regiments furnished the nucleus for the organization of the other infantry units of the division. The artillery brigade was organized on August 10, 1918, and training for overseas service was begun immediately.


The 214th Regiment of Engineers was organized at Camp Forest, Ga., on August 14, 1918, and training for overseas service was began immediately. The 214th Regiment of Engineers was organized at Camp Forest, Ga., on August 14, 1918, and joined the division at Camp Custer on October 31, 1918. The 214th Field Signal Battalion was organized on July 13, 1918 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and arrived at Camp Custer on July 25, 1918. All other units of the division were organized and undergoing intensive training at Camp Custer by the first week in November and at the time of the signing of the armistice the division was being rounded into shape for service at the front. Demobilization of the division was commenced January 27, 1919, and by the last of February all units not belonging to the Regular Army had been demobilized.


Commanders of division: Col. Sam. Burkhardt, July 28 to Sept. 5, 1918; Brig. Gen. H. L. Laubach, Sept. 5 to Nov. 9, 1918; Maj.Gen. Grote Hutcheson, Nov. 9 until demobilization.


The division was composed of the following organizations: 14th Hqs. Troop, 40th Div. Machine Gun Bn., 27th Inf. Brig. (10th and 77th Inf. Regts, 41st Machine Gun Bn.), 28th Inf. Brig (40th and 78th Inf. Regts, 42nd Machine Gun Bn), 14th Fld. Arty. Brig. (40th, 41st, and 42nd Fld. Arty. Regts. 14th Trench Mortar Battery, 214th Engr. Regt., 214th Engr. Train, 214th Fld. Sig. Bn., 14th Train Hqs and M.P., 14th Supply Train, 14th Sanitary Train (Field Hospitals and Amb. Cos. 253, 254, 255, and 256).


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