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5th Infantry Division documents

5th ID-Battle of Angers

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5th ID-Battle of Angers



For my first topic about my collection, I'll show you maybe one of my best items. It's a 5th Infantry Division booklet, printed in 1944 in Metz, France.

In this booklet, we can see all 5th div adventure during WWII, from USA, Ireland, England and France. There is also a division's map inside. It's nominative; this booklet belonged to Staff Sergeant John Greggo. He was born on 16th June 1935 in New Jersey and died on 1st November 2006 in Dennisport, Massachusetts. He join US Army on 13th March 1944 at Fort Dix, New Jersey. He join B Company of 10th IR,5th ID in July 1944 and stay in Europe during 22 months. In 1950's, he married Mary, from New Jersey, who died in 2004. They lived in Dennisport since 1989.







Here is S/Sgt Greggo (picture from WWIIMemorial website):



If you have more informations about him, I'm interested.


I've also an other 5th div book. It's 11th Regiment book edited in 1941 at Fort Custer. There are a lot of pictures of 11th Regiment during training and picture of men. Unfortunately, there is no name but it's in very good shape.




Hope you liked it,



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