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RIP Greg Robinson

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Sadly one of the founding members of this forum has passed on. Greg Robinson (Marine Kabar), Member #4 passed away in March. I have been a "cyber friend" of Greg for many years and he and his knowledge of all things Marine and willingness to share will be greatly missed. Although he has been ill for some time, he still kept in touch and was a valuable forum member and resource for all of us. Goodbye and Godspeed my friend.


This email was sent by his wife: This is Greg's wife Sheila i am so sorry to have to tell you by email but Greg passed away on March 5th 2011. he got a cold & then got flu & pneumonia & his body just wasn't strong enough to fight it off . His health had really declined in the past year the last few months was rough for him. Take care.



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Please click here to read the tributes to Gary:




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May he rest in peace.

" We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. "

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I did not know Greg but learned a lot here from him when he posted. Sorry to hear of his passing ....

"I looked up at the bunker in front of me and saw a khaki-uniformed NVA with a pith helmet, chest web gear, green Bata boots and an AK, Type 56, and no other identifying insignia. Then I shot him." -- Sergeant Tony "Fast Eddie" Anderson, RT Kansas, TF1AE, 1971


"My God, where do we find these men?" President George H. W. Bush commenting on 1st SFOD-Delta after the Operation Acid Gambit rescue of Kurt Muse.


"Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here am I. Send me." - Inscription on the dog tag resting on the flag-draped homeward bound casket of an American Special Opearations warrior killed in action in Afghanistan, July 2005. - Dick Couch - Chosen Soldier



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Words fail to describe how sad I am about losing Greg. He was a good friend and my mentor on this hobby. He knew for some time that the end was near and he surprised his Grandson on Christmas by giving him a very special present. Read on:


December 6, 2010


sorry to hear about your wife....I hope she makes a full recovery.


As for me.....the past year and the last eight months in particular have been tough. But I'm still hangin' in there. But my declining health made me realize I need to start parting with my stuff. So for Christmas our grandson is getting my M1 Garand. It's a 1944 rifle made at Springfield Armoury, later rebuilt and today looks like a brand new rifle. Plus I got two USGI ammo cans of LC69 ammo in bandoleers I'm also giving him.




The day after Christmas I asked him how his Grandson liked it.


December 26, 2010


He LOVED it. When we went home yesterday he was still clinging to that rifle. :D


I also gave him a near mint UFH M1 bayonet




Good bye, my friend!










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This is indeed very said news, as I greatly admired his knowledge and willingness to share with newly minted collectors...

Rest in peace Greg. s/f Darrell

The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps. (General A. A. Vandegrift, USMC, 5 May 1946)

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Yes, this is a sad day indeed. I counted Greg as one of my "internet" friends for the past decade. I first got to know him on the old Gun and Knife Forum. He was a key guy there in the early days, as he later became on our Forum here. He was particularly knowledgable on the blades and was always careful and thoughtful in his comments. He never made any statements on collecting that could not be substantiated. He always made it easy for new collectors to learn from him. He was not an information hoarder and, instead, was always willing, in a gentle manner, to share what he had learned over the years. He had my respect.





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I, like many others on this board, am exceptionally saddened to hear this. I had conversed with Greg a number of times regarding USMC items from packs to Ka-bars and he was always one of the nicest, most friendly and accommodating people I've spoken with here on the forum.


It will certainly take some time to digest this and my condolences go out to Greg's family and friends. We have lost a great member and Greg's passing will surely be felt for some time.


Rest in Peace Marine Ka-Bar and Godspeed.








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This sure is very sad news for the Forum Today

And may he Rest In Peace, and may God Bless him on his final journey.!



Cpl: Patrick Gallagher, 3rd U.S.M.C Div K.I.A 30/03/1967 Navy Cross
Sgt: Patrick Nevin, B.Co. 1st Bn, 12th Cav, 1st CAVALRY Div K.I.A 23/02/1966




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The obituary on Greg from the Independent Herald:




Gregory M. Robinson, 62

Gregory Mills Robinson, 62, of Powder Springs, Georgia, passed away March 5, 2011.


Born in New York, February 17, 1949, he was preceded in death by his parents, Donald and Nancy Wagner Robinson; and sister- and brothers-in-law: Faye Byrd, Odie Byrd, and Delmar Gene Lawson.


He was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and was a project manager at Diebold. He was diagnosed with myeloma and continued his battle with cancer for 11 years, speaking to people all over the world to help raise awareness. He was active with support groups, volunteered with MMRF and did test trial drugs to help save lives. He was a member of Calvary Baptist Church.


He is survived by his wife, Sheila Byrd Robinson; step-son, Jeff Patton and wife, Cassie, of Temple, Ga.; step-daughter, Carol Hayes and husband, Kevin of Douglasville, Ga.; two grandchildren, sister, Sally Mulloy and husband, Dick, of Covington, Ga.; brother, Timothy Robinson of SC; in-laws: Randi Anderson of Fla., Mack and Brenda Byrd, and Odeva Byrd, Daniel Byrd, Julie and Walter Hatfield, and Jean Byrd, all of Huntsville, Glenna and Bud Scott of Greenfield, Ind., Mac and George Armes of Indianapolis, Ind., Deanna Lawson of Pioneer, and Virginia Byrd of Ga.; several nieces and nephews, and many other relatives.


Funeral service was conducted March 11, in the chapel of West-Murley Funeral Home with Deacon Dick Mulloy officiating. Graveside service was conducted March 12, at Fairview Memorial Gardens.


West-Murley Funeral Home had charge of arrangements.





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This forum literally would not exist without Greg: he was a key presence in various blade forums on the Internet and in the US Militaria section of the old MCF forum. The BS there resulted in a some of us getting booted after an admin there read some private messages between Greg, myself, and perhaps others. They decided to re-instate some of us but not Greg. I still have some of the flurry of emails which ensued that weekend amongst myself, Greg, Craig and the person you know as ADMIN (no relation to the MCF evil ADMIN). Out of that came this message to all of us:


"...perhaps we could start our own private board?"


Greg's expertise had been a huge help to me even in the MCF days, and on this forum his knowledge and willingness to share with others were key parts in making this forum a success beyond our wildest dreams (we thought me might someday have a few hundred members).


Greg had health problems for quite a long time, but he kept quiet about it and I know that even when I telephoned him to find out how he was doing, it was something he did not want to talk about. I do know there were times in the past year when he was still posting even though it was very hard for him to even use a keyboard. Periodically I would check to see if he was posting to or visiting the forum and naturally got concerned if he hadn't been on in a while, but then he'd show up again, helping someone with a question about Ka-Bars or USMC collecting.


His last post this time was in February and the last time someone checked into the forum from his account was in the first week of March.


But this time he didn't come back...




We'll miss you Greg.

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May he rest in peace.

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26th Infantry "Yankee" Division

Army Nurse Corps

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Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA)

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I didn't know him beyond a couple posts on the Forum. Many have already expressed the same sentiment but I will add mine as well. I wish him peace and my condolences go out to his family.

Semper fi; Bill


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Very sad news indeed.I to knew Greg through collecting and had dealt off and on with him since the early 90s even back when Chris Arnold had his webb site for collectors.He will be greatly missed here on the forum and by me personally.His knowledge and willingness to help will be hard to replace.


My sincerest condolenses to his family.



In Memoriam:
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What an immense loss to the collecting community :( . I never had the pleasure of meeting Greg in person, but, did correspond with him via email (as a matter of fact, not too long ago). I always found him to be exceedingly approachable and willing to share his passion for and knowledge of edged weapons with younger collectors such as myself. He always was quick to respond to my emails soliciting his opinion on knives I was considering for purchase.


He will truly be missed.




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