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303rd BG gunner KIA grouping

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I thought on the anniversary of his loss in action everyone might like to see my only KIA grouping. S/Sgt. Cal Turkington was a tail gunner in the 359th BS, 303rd BG. He shot down a JU-88 on his 4th mission on Jan. 11, 1944. On his 15th mission on 4-24-44 he was wounded in action. His crew finished their missions in June but he still had to fly. On his 22nd mission, to Magdeberg, Germany on Sept. 28, 1944, his crew was shot down by FW-190's. Cal was killed during the first attack on their B-17. Six of the crew bailed out but only 4 made it to POW camps. Cal was buried in Margraten, Holland after the war, where he still lies. My brother put flowers on his grave this past summer while in Europe. The grouping consists of his named Air Medal and Purple Heart, wings, group patch, photo of him after being wounded in April, 2 year anniversary party invite, orders and other paperwork. I'm honored to be the keeper of this group and to have spoken to many of his surviving crews, Blue Skies Cal !! -Mark.post-527-1191010618.jpg

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