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DCU 1st Cavalry Uniform Question

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Here's another reversed SSI I've in my collection, and as you can see on picture, it was used !




So there's definitely more than 2-3 units who used reversed SSI on their DCU !


Here's the normal SSI for comparison :




You can see my collection of desert SSI at this link :




then, you can see there's various variants (reversed or color)

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See my current collection of desert SSI HERE
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Here is a photo of 1st Cavalry wearing reverse patch. Anyone have a photo of 2nd Infantry soldier wearing reverse patch?




This is a picture of the 2nd Battalion (Mechanized), 7th Cavalry Regiment CO - LTC James Rainey - with his PSD and a Marine Battalion Commander in either An Najaf (September 2004) or Fallujah (November 2004), Iraq. The steely-eyed killer on the left is SSG Sherman, 2-7 Mortar Platoon, one of the finest Mortar Maggots I ever had the privilege of leading.


And yes, I served in 2-7 Cav during this time, commanded HHC for most of our deployment there. I know I still have my one reversed combat patch in my box o stuff.

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