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1952 - 1980 OD Cotton / Sateen Fatigue Uniforms

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Here is another Special Forces Grouping worn by LTC Ed "Coach" Albrick. He was the Detachment Commander (TDY from 1st GP) at camp FB-D in Pakse, Laos during Operation White Star (sixth rotation) from 10/15/1961 to 04/13/1962. One of the utility shirts is 1950’s pattern HBT (herring bone twill). The other shirt is a private purchase made by Fruit of The Loom. The ball cap is Okinawa-made. The beret is a 1961 dated Fleur Di Lis, with an Okinawa-made 1st GP flash. The LTC rank is directly machine embroidered to the flash. The uniform insignia indicates that Albrick received a second CIB, which is correct for the time period for this White Star uniform. However, he did receive a third CIB for Laos on 08/12/1963. Albrick’s other CIBs were for WWII and Korea. Just prior to White Star, Albrick was TDY from 1st GP and participated in FTX training exercises in Thailand in 1961. He served with 77th, 7th, and 1st GP before being medically discharged in 1964.




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This is one of my favorite Vietnam fatigue shirts. It is the early style with the rim type buttons & straight cuffs. I believe the name tape is vietnamese made. Unfortunately I have no info on Colonel Leighton other than judging by the patches he saw combat with the 101st, and then served in the 82nd. If anyone has any info on him Please contact me. Thanks.





Here is a close up of the insignia.



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Here is a post war set, but I was told from the seller that this officer (last name Roberts) was a company Commander with the 9th ID in Vietnam where he won a Silver star and Bronze star.




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A fatigue shirt from a vet who served with Co. D, 151st Infantry in Vietnam. This was the only National Guard Infantry unit to deploy to Vietnam.


I believe this shirt was worn by the vet after he returned from Vietnam. I am trying to contact him but have not heard back yet.








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Found this in a thrift shop in the Philippines. They had a whole bunch of these that they were selling for $3.00 each. The buttons on this one are "brownish".

As far as I know, the 30th ADA doesn't exist anymore.





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