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Jungle Uniforms - Vietnam era

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This is an advisor era set of commercial "duck hunter" camo. This type of camo can be encountered in many variations, and can be collected as specialised field in its own right. This is probably my favourite out of the sets that I own. For ease of reference this pattern and cut is normally referred to as RN 25334.

This particular set was produced by the "Camouflage Manufacturing Co" of Jacksonville, Florida. This can be deduced by the tag on the matching trousers (shown later). During August 1960, the above company applied for a Registered Identification Number (RN) to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States, and was issued RN 25334. Garments made by the company in this pattern and cut from 1960 through to 1964 will all possess this RN number and it will be found on the tag sewn to the garment. I also have a patrol cap that is in this exact same pattern, this I have yet to photograph. These garments are of the 2nd type produced by the company, I have a set of the 1st variant also (which has a marked colour difference). With the exception of the 1953 dated bandoleer and the 45 ammo pouch the rest of the equipment (including the water botles hiding at the back) are of WW2 dated vintage.



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Duckhunter also comprises many variations. Not all were US made either. This jacket is made from a heavyweight material, the cap on the other hand is of the lightweight variety. I have a suspicion that this jacket and cap are Korean made items.



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