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Sgt. Bruce Styers CBI 1347th AAF BU


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Here is a group I bought a year or so ago. I was able to find some of his other items recently and thought I would share the group. I enlarged his Honorable Discharge card. I sent for his records but haven't gotten anything back at this time. I also haven't been able to find any information on the 1347th (India-China Division, ATC) Shamsbernager, India (219 NY)




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Hi - I picked up a jacket at Donely's - Several items were on from 1347th pilot (B24) C-87 or 109 Fuel hauler version. Lt Hugh Leonard Schmitt. In researching I found several similar patches attributed to the AAFBUs in CBI. So looking for confirmation of patch. Any help appracited. Can share more of my research in CBI ATC and Schmitt if interested. Cheers - Rocketman!

1347th AAFBU Jacket.png

1347th AAFBU Patch.png

Schmitt orders.png

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