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I found a TL-122C this weekend for a couple of dollars.

Its in good shape. But, when I went home, loaded it with Batteries, changed the bulb, no light.

I pulled the bulb from my TL-122A which I know worked, and tried it, nothing happened.

I opened it up, all the parts look good, I cleaned them as best as I could with a wire brush.

I am using D CELL Batteries and I know they are good. The same D Batteries work in my TL122A.

I want to get it working if at all possible. I am one of those people who has to keep fiddling with things until i get them working. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

I really appreciate any and all help.



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Remove the bulb holder (mirror) and check if the brass lip grounds against the part...

Also if the positive tip is bent forward far enough to touch the center of the bulb...


You could check the current with a small tester held against both brass lips with the bulb holder removed...


Stupid question but you did push the switch all the way up??? Not halfway??? Just making sure...

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Great advice from Johan! I detailed a complete cleaning technique for the TL-122 lights in this post:




Though this is specifically for 122As, I've used this same technique for Bs, Cs and Ds successfully.


Make sure to use the multi-meter first. Try the continuity setting and place a contact below the switch and one above the switch in the "ON" position, If you get no current, then you know the problem exists in the switch.


Not quite sure if it will apply to the light you're working on or not, so proceed at your own risk!!

If you're really stuck i'd be happy to help out with some advice.

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Thanks Guys,

I was actually thinking of trying the meter but I didnt have 1 handy. I have to run over to my parents house to try and borrow my fathers. I will try that and ping you all back later this evening to let you all know what I find out. I am sure the side grounds out on the unit, but now that you mentioned it, I am not sure if the tip pushes far enough forward, I will try that as well.

Also, Durandal, Thank you for the cleaning info, I am going to do that as well!


ON Ebay a few months ago, there was someone selling a whole box of TL-122 Lens new old stock. The lens on mine is a little warped. I wonder if either of you knew if it was someone on here that got them and if they may have an extra for sale :)


Thank you guys!

I really appreciate it!


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