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Air Force pin-on officer ranks

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I have some questions on the pin-on metals ranks used by the Air Force:

1. When did the design of the eagle used for Colonel change from the style used during the Vietnam War?

2. When did the finish of the eagle change from satin to shiny?

3. When did the finish of the leaves used by Lt. Col. and Major change from satin to shiny?

4. When did the Air Force use subdued metal pin-on rank insignia with blue rather than black?



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The officer ranks went from oxidized to shiney when the new uniform came out in the early 90's.

Enlisted ranks in subdued originally were black on OD during the Vietnam War starting in the late 60's and were worn only in SEA. They adopted the blue stripes on green in 1975.

Maybe this answers some of your questions.




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Thanks, all I see now days is the shiny and wondered when. I was asking about the blue metal subdued worn for a short time, I saw a Lt. Col. with blue leaves years ago. On the black on OD enlisted chevrons, I thonk they were PACAF authorized. Some of the Security Police at Osan AB, Korea were wearing them 1970-71, I got Airman to Sergeant at the time wish I had gotten all of them.



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