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USAF Aviation Cadet Commissioning Program

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Aviation Cadet training at Connely Air Force Base, TX Circa 1961

The cadet that wore these graduated, Oct. 1962
Program was 13 months in length, upon completion, the cadet would be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and be awarded the wings of a rated navigator. A college degree was not required to enter or complete the program.




4th Class- Green
3rd Class, Sergeant (one white band)- Red
2nd Class, Squadron Sgt. Major (two diamonds and two white bands)- Blue
1st Class, Group Sgt. Major (two diamonds and two white bands)- Gold

1st Class, Squadron Commander (five white bands) Gold
(1st Class, Deputy Group Commander inclement weather boards) Instead of cloth stripes they're colored tape.
1st Class, Deputy Group Commander (six white bands) Gold

Double Gold Graduating Class, White Board with two gold stripes.




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Thanks for showing these shoulder boards. I've had several of them for many years and till now, I didn't have a good identification on them. :thumbsup:




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I have a quick question...


Which rank/grade/rating would be considered "higher"? An AvCad cadet, or someone who's in OTS?


From what it looks like, AvCad cadets recieved pay, somewhat equivalent E-4's (I think), and OTS candidates normally get pay, no lower than E-5 pay.



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