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Mid-60s G1 Navy flight jacket


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Hello. Relatively new forumite here. I wanted to share some pic of my Dad's G1 Navy flight jacket circa 1965 or so. He let me have it in the mid-80s and I wore it late HS and throughout college. Post-Top Gun let me tell you, it was so cool until so many fake flight jackets became ridiculously commonplace. Anyhow, being a size 40, I have not been able to wear it for years due to added girth, but my almost 12 YO son has been eyeing it for quite some time. So, for Hanukkah, I got the broken zipper, seriously frayed cuffs, and worn-out waistband replaced by U.S. Wings (very pricey but well done and worth it). When my Dad stopped flying, he put the patch of his first and favorite squadron (A-4s) back on, though the jacket used to have many more patchs like his "centurion" patches by carrier for 100 landings, etc. Those patches are still around somewhere (I think/hope). I hope my son takes good care of this jacket and maybe someday passes it down to his son, or daughter.









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