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WWII Flak Jacket Information


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Looking for any information/comments anyone may have regarding a WWII Flak Jacket. I believe these were issued and used on B-17/B-29's as well as other bombers. Any idea on value? I don't know too much about these. Very curious. Please see pictures.



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That's a US made version of the M-1. You have no apron and it appears the fabric is a bit frayed and some rust is showing through. I sent one back one time as when I picked it up out of the box, rust fell like sand from it.


There were three versions of aprons that attached to the front as well. Your part is the easiest to find but a new collector might want it.


As you are likely just here for an appraisal, this would NOT be considered good condition and NOT one that "saw combat". I would not give much for that one. Maybe $50 IF it was local. I wouldn't likely pay to have it shipped unless it was much nicer and much less.


I won't tell what I gave for the two I have nor the one I know is for sale as people get the wrong idea.


See, I hate to give opinions on specific value as most new members get on here and then use my description on an add I later find....... and of course for more than I ever said it's worth taking the best description of the best case scenario and asking the best possible price - usually for the worst condition item worth the least amount.


You are likely to get differing opinions but to those who already have them in their collections, and no offense intended, that one is rather tatty.


Best of luck,


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Seeing your other 2 posts, I now know you are new to collecting. That being the case, I would hang onto the M-1 until you find one to replace it - that is if you wish to have AAF items in your collection. A representative original piece is always better than no piece, a replica piece, or a faked piece.


Good luck,


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I actually found this locally and have seen it for sale for quite some time. I do not own it...sorry for the confusion. I am interested in AAF collector items, but short on knowlege of values. If I thougth the price was within reason, I would pick it up. I am just now getting my feet wet in collecting. The asking price is well North of $200. Sounds like it may not be worth it at this point.


I really appreciate the feed back. As I am new, is there a better place (forum thread) to ask such questions?


Thank you!

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No. This place is great. We do tend to suggest lower than market prices as elsewhere prices are falsely inflated by those just looking to make a buck (see my prior post). They find an item tha'ts a 2/10, find it in a book or on the web in 10/10 condition, and mark it for that. Often with a laborious description of the 8th AAF or something like that copied from Wikipedia. You'll get used to it.


I think you are wise to pass on that for that money. That can get you a nice one. There is one out there with an apron attached with the BIN price of $525! It's been around the auction arena many times over. It will bring that when the market and economy finally catches up to it in about 10 yrs.


The best advice on this stuff is quoted here often, "Buy the steak, not the sizzle." Basically, ignore any description that isn't documented in period writing, included ephemeria, or period photographs. The story, no matter how true, is otherwise non-transferable should you ever want to sell it. Too many people make stuff up based on assumptions and how little they really understand about military history. It's getting worse exponentially! The old adage of "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true" really does fit. If something is that good, it will be documented.


Ask away!



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