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WWII POW Photograph group - Stalag IIIB


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I recently acquired a group of photos and other items to an American POW captured with the 34th Division at Kasserine Pass in 1943. He was sent to Stalag IIIB and formed a relationship with another POW named Angelo Spinelli .


Angelo Spinelli took over 1000 photos with a camera he traded from a German guard, and had the same guard develop his film. There is a great book devoted to Spinelli's photos called " Life Behind the Barbed Wire " by he and Lewis H. Carlson. The POW who kept the photos I have is mentioned in that book. Here is a link to info about the book:




The photos I obtained were brought home in 1945. Angelo Spinelli had guts, because if the Germans had found his film, photos, or Camera, he probably would have paid with his life.


Here are examples of his work. Some of the examples published in books are more dramatic than the ones I have, but all of them represent an important look into the lives of American POWs.





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