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My SOG Collection

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Hi all, this is part of my SOG collection, have be interested in SOG for about 8 years. hope you enjoy the photos.




unknown rucksack brought in vietnam in 2008 could be SOG or NVA, made from green nylon and heavy weight poncho.




more to come.

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Nice collection. What is the deal with those 2 pouches with the lift the dot snaps? Rigger made?


Really nice collection :thumbsup:


Am I correct in thinking they're CIA/Laotian mag pouches? I think you can see them in photos of SF guys in Thailand?








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Really nice collection :thumbsup:


Am I correct in thinking they're CIA/Laotian mag pouches? I think you can see them in photos of SF guys in Thailand?



hi yes your right they are CIA/Laotian mag pouches.

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Whats going on with the canteen beside the WP grenade in the 4th picture?

Hi i modified a 1-quart canteen top to make a filter cap that was used by the SF and reconnaissance patrols in vietnam. There is one in the book 'U.S Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War' by Shelby Stanton on page 175.

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hi some new items to my collection. The first is a CISO Ruck Sack (my fourth) but the best, it is in brand new condition.



my next item is my CISO Indigenous sleeping bag i purchase some time ago now off the forum, i think it is in good condition.


This is one that i made my self using my original, think it is a good copy



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Remember, you do not fight with M18's or AN-8's. They are stored inside the pack. The M34 looks good and some team members wore them like that. A good example would be Franklin "Doug" Miller when he was with RT Vermont. Some would carry them up on the web gear on one of the straps. Users choice back then. They all new what would happen if the WP M34 grenade cracked because of a bullet or penetrated by bullet and/or fragmentation.


Chuck Hein from RT Vermont(?) died a few days after his incident with a WP. He was getting ready for a mission and was getting his gear on when one of the yards dropped a M34 onto the ground. It landed on the corner of the concrete step. It was cracked and started to hiss. Hein cleared all of the Yards away and picked it up hoping to throw it a safe distance before it would go off.. It went off in his hand. He was screaming so horribly that the whole camp came. And that is when Plaster and Miller and I think Lee Burkins were nearby. According to both accounts he was literally melting in front of them. They grabbed him and off they went to the BH. He was kept alive for 27 or such hours and was doing well until the 4-5th day after. He developed a serious infection and passed away quickly. They put him in a box with a notation that stated something like "body available, remains burned, not viewable, casket closed."

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.” By Ernest Hemingway


"Never start a fight that you can't win with everything you have right now" By Staff Sergeant Joe "Gladiator" Walker one-zero of RT California


"Where you look , shift your muzzle that way. If something's interesting enough to draw an eye, It is then interesting to have sway your muzzle that way"~ By S Sgt Joe "Gladiator" Walker

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