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US Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War

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hey everyone, been thinking about getting this one lately and was wondering if it is worth purchasing and if it has good reference material. thanks.





Looking for: Washington and Oregon Coast Artillery items

Any items related to the Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River and the Harbor Defenses of Puget Sound, 1860s-WWII. This includes items from Fort Stevens, OR; Ft Canby, WA; Ft Columbia, WA; Ft Worden, WA; Ft Casey, WA; Ft Flagler, WA; Ft Ward, WA; Ft Whitman, WA; Camp Hayden, WA; and the following units that served at these forts:
Columbia River: 33rd, 34th, 93rd, and 160th Companies, CAC; and 18th and 249th Coast Artillery regiments
Puget Sound: 26th, 30th, 62nd, 63rd, 71st, 85th, 92nd, 94th, 106th, 108th, 126th, 149th, and 150th Companies, CAC; and 14th and 248th Coast Artillery regiments

Coast Defense Study Group member & site representative for the Columbia River forts

ASMIC member

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hey everyone, been thinking about getting this one lately and was wondering if it is worth purchasing and if it has good reference material. thanks.




This book was published in 1989 and is the last one in the series. The other books covered WWII, Korea and the Cold War. There is a lot of good information in these books, covering uniforms, head gear, footwear, individual equipment, protective gear, insignia, etc. I bought it when it first came out and also have the other 3 books in the series. This book may not have everything to be learned regarding the U.S. Army in Vietnam, but it does have an awful lot of information.

I think that you would enjoy it.





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I concur. It was one of the first books to cover Vietnam uniforms and to some degree equipment and has held up pretty well. I'd still call it essential, and a decent starting point. It's also the best of the 4 uniform books Stanton wrote. FWIW the hardcover editions are a later printing and SLIGHTY inferior to the original trade paperback edition as far as photo clarity and sharpness IMHO.



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A very good reference work. The only source of reference for some items of that period that I am even aware of. I refer to it often. Worth the investment. My thoughts only - Lance O. Adams .....

"I looked up at the bunker in front of me and saw a khaki-uniformed NVA with a pith helmet, chest web gear, green Bata boots and an AK, Type 56, and no other identifying insignia. Then I shot him." -- Sergeant Tony "Fast Eddie" Anderson, RT Kansas, TF1AE, 1971


"My God, where do we find these men?" President George H. W. Bush commenting on 1st SFOD-Delta after the Operation Acid Gambit rescue of Kurt Muse.


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One one more vote to the positive... a must have for the Vietnam collector. The text gets a little too "official" sometimes as a lot of it seems to be taken from government records, but the photos are an excellent collection.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



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A little dry, it is nonetheless a very important book and if you have a need to know about blast protective ove rboots or climate controlled jungle jackets, this is for you. similarly, while many have heard of experimental indigenous footprint tread boots, few have seen them illustrated elsewhere.

dress and field stuff as well as specialist and womens items are covered.

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My copy is well-thumbed...testimony to its use as an indispensable reference for any collector of VN War memoribilia.


Sabrejet :thumbsup:

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I have the Korean War version of this book, and have looked through the Vietnam version on a number of occasions. The entire series is an excellent reference. If you have even just a passing interest in period uniform items these books are great. Highly recommended!

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