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USMC Patch Collection


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I've recently been on a Marine Corps kick, so I was happy to pick up this patch collection yesterday. I know very little about USMC patches so any information would be appreciated. (I know the units -- I mean anything regarding construction. Some of these patches appear to be theater made.)


Unfortunately the guy I got them from had them diasplayed on his wall using that sticky clay people use on posters. Any ideas on how to get it out of the fabric?



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Closer images of the front and back of each patch would be necessary to make a determination on these. A lot of dealers and collectors claim that anything other than a woven patch is "theater made" without having any evidence of this. Most likely most patches we see were made by suppliers, either military or private purchase, in the US from whatever materials were readily available and cost effective. That is still a nice start to a USMC patch collection though!



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I see 3 different types - fully embroidered, embroidered on twill and embroidered on felt. All are US-made. And, based on the reverse photo, they appear to be original WW2 cotton thread examples. Nice group!


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