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  1. Allan, thanks for the information.The sunrays on this is so much different from the other US made pieces I have, so I have always been wondering about this one for some time now.
  2. I have had this one for some years now. With a merrowed edge and labled as WWII Australian made, is this correct?
  3. Letters say AT19 and AT14. Never seen anything like this scroll either, but not that long ago I picked up some of those 101st Thai made patches from this seller and took the chance. There are so many strange things on his website and in most cases he has no ideas what he has when it comes to US patches/ badges, so I have picked up a few nice items from time to time.
  4. Thanks, suspected it was a repro but at that price I took the chance
  5. Any chance this is good? Picked this up here in Norway for $2.50 and it's about 18 cm wide.
  6. These arrived earlier this week and the 3rd Abn Bde is marked with "Thai made" on the back. Would be interesting to know how these ended up here in Norway, as there really isn't many collector of US patches in the country.
  7. These are for sale here in Norway at a reasonable price and even though there is no picture of the back they look like the same. I might go ahead and pick them up
  8. Also kind of strange with the tail feathers
  9. Does anyone know what this is?
  10. Some more theater made pieces, the last 1st Cav piece is strange, as onluy the horse head is reversed.
  11. My favourite pair, made in Qatar in 2004
  12. NorBn

    Patch ID

    US Army 40th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade
  13. From Italy, naval infantry unit
  14. Link to the auction, check out his other items. A lot of the same patches as on this jacket: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ww2-korea-vietnam-theater-made-patch-german-made-unknown-patch-infantry-/191911549525?hash=item2caed1da55:g:SzsAAOSwvg9Xdugq
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