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  1. #10 1st Squadron 40th Cavalry regiment attached to the 25th Infantry Div I believe it’s actually 1st Battalion 40th Armored Regiment, or at least when I wore that crest (I was the Medical Platon Leader in 4/40 armor) that was the Unit designation
  2. I believe I also saw a picture of Billy Mitchell in his First War aviation uniform showing his Victory Medal ribbon. He had so many stars that he either had 2 ribbons or an extra long ribbon to hold all of them.
  3. Thx, I will pass it on to my friend. Any ideas on value (they all are on uniforms obviously)?
  4. Silver star in the middle with 3 bronze on right and 2 to the left ( I have a uniform that has the silver in the middle with 3 on @ side)
  5. And finally 1st Army Railway Artillery Reserve?
  6. I posted this over in the WW1 section as well. Helping a friend and we have not been able to ID the following (Ive seen them before...but where?)
  7. And finally...I think this one is 1st Army Reserve Railway Artillery?
  8. Im working with a friend on his collection, and have IDed most of his shoulder patches except for the following (I know Ive seen them someplace, I just cant remember where):
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