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  1. I will admit to knowing next to nothing about these vehicles (although having one in the garage would be cool as hell). But as far as the differences in grills, It looks like the mesh grill may have been a theater made replacement to allow more air onto the radiator
  2. And here’s a great website to identify tax stamp dates: http://cycleback.com/packdate.html
  3. I have this one with foil but with the War Bond Illustration on the back. Late war or post war. Has the Alaska and Hawaii military or naval forces tag
  4. And it should have read: There is a similar larger poster that does have U.S. Marines on it with the above shown imagery above imagery , moved to in the middle surrounded by USMC scenes
  5. No we have the smaller original version, While the larger one is about +/- 30"x40" ('d have to drag mine out again to measure exactly Keith
  6. There is a similar larger poster that does have U.S.Marines on it with the imagery above in the middle surrounded by USMC scenes
  7. Mine is identical 18x 26, The only ones of this type, or pictures in 2 of the 5 references on WW1 posters I have, I've seen have no inscription in the box. One of Leyendecker's classic posters
  8. It may not have been well liked......but I sure like it
  9. 79TH Transportation Company. US Army Company's have guidons, while (as a rule), Battalions and Regiments have flags
  10. Wonderful disc. I have been looking for an example for the past 20 years Keith
  11. At first glance, it looks like they are mostly common discs. Your initial estimate on price is pretty much on the money Keith
  12. Looks like a chain stitched WW1 USMC blanket to me Keith
  13. I had bid on a group of 3 Patton sabers. One of them had the basket trimmed to the width of the backstrap/grip. I have another basket to swap it out, but the backstrap was cut. How do I remove the basket from the backstrap?
  14. #10 1st Squadron 40th Cavalry regiment attached to the 25th Infantry Div I believe it’s actually 1st Battalion 40th Armored Regiment, or at least when I wore that crest (I was the Medical Platon Leader in 4/40 armor) that was the Unit designation
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