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  1. Looks like a chain stitched WW1 USMC blanket to me Keith
  2. I had bid on a group of 3 Patton sabers. One of them had the basket trimmed to the width of the backstrap/grip. I have another basket to swap it out, but the backstrap was cut. How do I remove the basket from the backstrap?
  3. #10 1st Squadron 40th Cavalry regiment attached to the 25th Infantry Div I believe it’s actually 1st Battalion 40th Armored Regiment, or at least when I wore that crest (I was the Medical Platon Leader in 4/40 armor) that was the Unit designation
  4. I believe I also saw a picture of Billy Mitchell in his First War aviation uniform showing his Victory Medal ribbon. He had so many stars that he either had 2 ribbons or an extra long ribbon to hold all of them.
  5. Thx, I will pass it on to my friend. Any ideas on value (they all are on uniforms obviously)?
  6. Silver star in the middle with 3 bronze on right and 2 to the left ( I have a uniform that has the silver in the middle with 3 on @ side)
  7. And finally 1st Army Railway Artillery Reserve?
  8. I posted this over in the WW1 section as well. Helping a friend and we have not been able to ID the following (Ive seen them before...but where?)
  9. And finally...I think this one is 1st Army Reserve Railway Artillery?
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