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    Toulouse, France, Europe.
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    WWII on political and military outlooks. And of course US militaria with preference for Medical department.
  1. A little "Up" for that one ! :thumbsup: Does nobody knows that label ? :crying: Fred
  2. Hi all, In order to complete an article on my future WWII US militaria site: I’m searching a picture of a contractor’s label. That picture is for a “Shirt Flannel od Coat Style” or a “Shirt cotton kai coat style”. Additional data: Flannel shirt with convertible collar, without gas protection and without added strip on the buttonhole. Color either OD or Khaki (Chino). Spec number must be “P.Q.D. N°96”*, spec date 9/29/1941 and no item description should be provided. * Only “P.Q.D. N°96” without additional letter such “96-A” for example. We searching only this model. I thank you
  3. Thank you for that collectors' English semantic lecture! Tell me if I'm wrong!... In the M-1 collecting community we got “Mr Bail” commonly known as “Mr bail” in the business. Mr Bail, alias bail, is also known as “Mr Loop” by the general audience. Is Mr Bail-bail-Loop schizophrenic? :think: In some occasions Mr Bail can be named Mr Fixed Bail or Mr Swivel Bail! Note that Fixed or Swivel can be fallen with the previous aliases of Mr Bail. So what to do? Use Bail as a semantic addict, or use bail in the business and Loop with the rest of the world! Personally I will go for
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