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  1. On the second one, it looks like there are the chalk marks to guide the sewing? The quality of the sun makes a difference. What was the slit for?
  2. 1950s-70s Taiwan wings are more like the US WWII style. Those are like the WWII style, but I don't think this one is WWII. I heard these are like reunion wing pieces. 1980s the ROCAF changed it back to the WWII style, but in silver color. Pictured, some of the wings I have, is a WWII wing on top and the bottom three are 1950s-70s issue.
  3. Found the article and it was an good read to know about his time in China and to help the Nationalist after the war. "His last assignment was that of Staff Engineer of the U. S. Military Advisor Group to China, whose mission was to train the Chinese Nationalist Armies. The function of this mission was prevented by our State Department, which has continually blocked aid to Nationalist China. His deepest regret has always been the complete dearth of accurate information supplied to the American people about the situation in the Far East." Too bad for him the State department were filled with
  4. 二四瓦入 2-4 watts? Maybe that is what it says. I used my phone, using the google translate app.
  5. I wouldn't know. Ben, your wife may be right, but I don't know. I asked a few other of my friends, they said they never heard of this, and don't know either. I don't recall seeing the ROC of Japanese dating being written in full number format. Allan, yeah its very biased. A lot of historians from what I see are heavily influenced with communists or the damaged caused by Stilwell. Even Mao admitted that if it wasn't for the Japanese, he wouldn't have defeated the Nationalists. Truman ended the Executive HQ early in 1947 as Marshall became secretary of state. Not sure why the US was wil
  6. Not sure what you meant by "complex" and "simple." Simple: 一二三四五 Complex: 壹貳參肆伍 ?? From what I am assuming, the "complex" numbers are usually used for money transactions, such as printing on banknotes. Like one for example: 一 vs 壹. Japanese banknotes use 壹 too. Because somebody can turn a 一 into a 十, so it is written 壹 and 拾 instead. I never heard of the Chinese and Japanese using "complex" and "simplified" numbers, as I am Chinese myself... I don't understand why people assume Asian stuff at times Can you show me those historical sites? Never seen that before. It can be
  7. Not WWII. On the back is the Republic of China dating. Dated January 1946.
  8. world war I nerd, Thank you for your very detailed response! I appreciate your time to help me on this. I heard that wool is more breathable and helps circulate air and remove moisture or something like that?
  9. I recently bought an enlisted summer tunic. Did they wear these in Europe? I couldn't really find an answer in the forum or online. What trousers would have been worn with it? I don't know much about WWI stuff, not sure if I got the name right... Thanks!
  10. 7th Class. Do you still have his documents for the medal in Chinese and English?
  11. Yes, they go together. The medal is in the shape of the ancient Chinese spade coin. The letter explains it all.
  12. Cloud and Banner 4th and 6th class. Precious Tripod is correct on ID by JBFloyd. I think he had to be somewhere in the CBI theater to have received those Chinese awards as they do require assistance to the Chinese national government for it to be awarded. I don't think being in the Pacific would have entitled him to it. It could be his service post war, but I don't think many were in the assisting role, but just a few advisors probably. Most Chinese medals were awarded in 1945-1946 period to American servicemen for their assistance in the CBI.
  13. 勝利 = victory as mentioned by Ben Any pictures of the reverse? How big is it? Nice looking pin.
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